Our Programmes

Get Together

Cancer diagnosis and subsequent treatment is distressing time for both the patient and his or her family. We know that many patients will at time feel overwhelmed with anxiety or isolated and scared.

Sometimes speaking with another person who truly understands what you are going through can be a source of comfort. We partner our patients with survivors of the same cancer to provide opportunities for the mentorship and encouragement.

Check in phone calls
Once a patient or family member reaches out to cancer connection, they line of communication remain open. Our outreach workers make weekly phone calls to touch base with patients and ensure that we are always aware of any new or additional needs.

Hospital visits
Just as we attend patient oncology appointment, we also make hospital visits to ensure that patience never feel isolated or alone.

Healing art
We offer classes taught by different local artists in order to encourage patience to express how cancer has affected their life.

Help to patients overcome the depression and anxiety that cancer can cause.

Cancer Care Foundation manages its assistance and support services from the generosity of sponsors, corporate and individual donors and the local community.

We are able to provide free and subsidized valuable services to those in need only due to this continued contribution.