About Us


Aims & Objectives

  • To render all kinds of medical help and medical assistance to the cancer patients.
  • Creating nationwide awareness of cancer, its risk factors, preventive measures, encouraging regular check-ups, treatment options and survivorship.
  • Providing for early detection of cancer through cancer detection centers and mobile cancer detection camps across India, especially for the underprivileged.
  • Providing funds for the treatment of cancer for poor cancer patients across India.
  • Providing support during and after treatment to poor cancer patients through accommodation, rehabilitation, and survivor support groups.
  • To utilize the existing national and international platforms/forums for cancer care.
  • To advocate for the rights of people with cancer so that they live with dignity.
  • To establish strong research base on ‘sociological and psychological impact of cancer.
  • To collaborate with scientific agencies, research organizations and educational institutions on specific projects related to cancer care.
  • To co-operate with other national and/ or foreign institutions and international organizations to further the aims of cancer care India.
  • To carry out programmes for other deadly diseases with the consent of general body meetings.
  • Knowledge sharing through educational programmes via audio-visuals, literature, booklets.
  • Referral to hospitals for treatment and care of cancer patients.
  • Helping terminally ill patients to survive with comfort and die in peace and dignity.
  • Support to the families of victims of this deadly disease.
  • Prioritizing state wide needs for cancer prevention and control, especially within underserved populations and areas.
  • Facilitating the development of community-based interventions, resources, and funding in order to address the cancer burden holistically.
  • To establish and run a charitable, non-profit, non-commercial cancer hospitals, with state of art facilities for both diagnosis and treatment.

Cancer Care Foundation manages its assistance and support services from the generosity of sponsors, corporate and individual donors and the local community.

We are able to provide free and subsidized valuable services to those in need only due to this continued contribution.