Spreading cancer awareness to billions of Indians in fighting and eradicating cancer. Our future plans include opening Counselling cum Information centers in each and every village, town and city of India, to involve millions of voluntary members and supporters. Approach the Corporate Houses of the nation so that the cause can be spread to a massive level a part of CSR. Develop and promote palliative care in India through information, education and research using multi-professional collaboration with schools/colleges and Corporate Houses, while engaging with stakeholders at all levels. Create awareness to increase Blood Donation tendencies among the Indians by Educating students & youth.

  • We access a large section of the society by one to one contact through the student;e.g.500 students contacting 10 people each day can generate awareness among 5000 people daily resulting in Mass Awareness.
  • Students are quick in learning and sharing information with others.Their innocent minds do not hesitate to speak the truth on other's face( like asking his/her father not to smoke) and therefore awareness should be initiated at an early age.With increase in age they tend to become shy.
  • Younger students have a better appeal on tobacco control; hence the program is more effective in primary section of the school.
  • They retain this information with them, pass it on to their parents and elders and to the society as a whole. When they grow up this awareness gets entrenched in their minds.
  • We are reaching out to these young guns so that in the coming 20 years we could cover all the sections of the society.
  • They learn to help others in this highly hedonistic world and thus become responsible citizens of the future.
  • Their small voluntary donations, which become a substantial amount pooled together and is utilized to help poor and needy cancer patients in our pursuit to fight CANCER.
  Our Vision

To become the most admired and trusted centre in palliative care to which every sufferer and their families can look upon for unconditional care, love, support and hope. To touch the life of every terminally ill patient in India by spreading relief, happiness and content in their lives.
Cancer Care Foundation is a NGO working on cancer control (Preventive Oncology) at National level in collaboration with various academic institutions of high repute and is also coming up with information cum counselling centers throughout the country.

  Spreading cancer awareness to billion Indians ...
  To involve passionate volunteers
to build a movement against
cancer and help the poor and
needy cancer patients.

  Spreading cancer awareness to billion Indians ...
  We value the determination and
drive of our volunteers and staff to take bold steps ..
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